Virtual Collection User Guide

Virtual Collection: User Guide


The video below demonstrates how to navigate the virtual collection and make the models full-screen size. This can be useful for video presentations (in-class or online), as well as for making "screen capture" videos.

"Navigating the Digital Atlas Virtual Collection" by Digital Atlas of Ancient Life (YouTube).

Accessing Models in Sketchfab

The video below demonstrates how to access the 3D models in Sketchfab, which has tools for easily sharing and downloading the models. The models may also be accessed directly in Sketchfab.

"Digital Atlas Virtual Collection: Accessing Models in Sketchfab" by Digital Atlas of Ancient Life (YouTube).

Teaching Ideas

There are many different ways in which 3D models in the teaching collection might be incorporated into active online teaching and learning beyond simply showing models in presentations.

As just one example, you might send your students to the ammonite page and ask them to sketch, label, and compare the sutures of Imitoceras rotatorium (PRI 44566), Gymnotoceras beachi (PRI 43629), and Baculites sp. (PRI 70605).

 Imitoceras rotatorium from the Mississippian of Floyd County, Iowa (PRI 44566). 

Gymnotoceras beachi from the Triassic Toad Formation of British Columbia (PRI 43629).

Baculites sp. from the Cretaceous Pierre Shale of Wasta, South Dakota (PRI 70605).

Let us know how you are using the Virtual Collection 3D models in your teaching or learning. We would be happy to share your suggestions here. Contact us at [email protected]