Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life


The Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life is an open access "textbook" about fossils and the history of life on Earth. Chapters will be added as they are written.


Phylum Cnidaria

  • 1. Class Anthozoa
  • 2. Class Hydrozoa (coming soon)
  • 3. Class Cubozoa (coming soon)
  • 4. Class Scyphozoa (coming soon)

Phylum Mollusca

  1. Class Gastropoda
  2. Class Cephalopoda
  3. Class Bivalvia (coming soon)

Phylum Echinodermata

  1. Class Blastoidea (Coming Soon!)
  2. Class Crinoidea (Coming Soon!)
  3. Class Asteroidea
  4. Class Ophiuroidea
  5. Class Echinoidea (Coming Soon!)
  6. Class Holothuroidea
Modern echinoderms preserved in jars with echinoid tests on display