3-Panel figure, photos of fossils preserving branches. Panel 1: Apical branching in Lepidodendron. Panel 2: Non-axillary lateral branching in Asterophyllites. Panel 3: Axillary lateral branching in dawn redwood (Metasequoia)


January 27, 2021 A new page has been added to the Embryophytes chapter of Digital Encyclopedia of Ancient Life (DEAL): Branching. This page explores the types of branching in plant shoots and roots and discusses monopodial and sympodial growth. It is part of the section “Introduction to vascular plant structure.”

Image credits: Lepidodendron YPM PB 054238 (by Fiona O’Brien); Asterophyllites YPM PB 000699 (by Robert Swerling); Metasequoia occidentalis YPM PB 005960 (by Linda S. Klise). All images from Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History (via GBIF, CC0 1.0/Public Domain Dedication).