Photograph of paleontologist Katherine Palmer behind a stack of books, circa 1960.

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Chapter contents:

Class Gastropoda: Introduction, Morphology, Anatomy, and Life History
– 1. Phylogeny and Classification of Extant Gastropoda
– 2. Fossil Record of Gastropoda
– 3. References and Further Reading ←
– 4. Silly Snail Stuff

Image above:Gastropod paleontologist Dr. Katherine V. W. Palmer in her library at the Paleontological Research Institution, ca. 1960. Katherine Palmer was the second director of PRI and was the first woman to receive the Paleontological Society Medal, American paleontology's highest honor. Learn more about Katherine Palmer and her research on fossil gastropods on the Daring to Dig website.

Note: The following references were used to develop this chapter and/or are provided for further reading.


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