Photo of two cowrie shells, one with digital googly eyes added.

Silly Snail Stuff

Chapter contents:

Class Gastropoda: Introduction, Morphology, Anatomy, and Life History
– 1. Phylogeny and Classification of Extant Gastropoda
– 2. Fossil Record of Gastropoda
– 3. References and Further Reading
– 4. Silly Snail Stuff ←

Image above: Modern shells of Cypraea miliaris from Sarawak, Borneo; one specimen modified by addition of digital googly eyes. Specimens from the collection of the Paleontological Research Institution. 

Snail Shell Kitsch

Warren Allmon's Turritellid Kitsch Collection

I don't know of any quantitative studies of species frequency in shell arts & crafts, but I'm reasonably sure that turritellids would rank high. I don't know why this is so except that if you want to make long things they are an obvious choice, and of course their inherent aesthetic appeal. My collection has been assembled over the past 20 years or so, mostly from shell shows (the Sanibel-Captiva show in particular), but also from random gift shops as well as through gifts from students and others who learn of my interest. A few have been custom made for me as gifts, including the necktie and the plexiglass obelisk. - WDA